About AT4U

Artist’s Touch is dedicated to marketing & design and committed to building solid B2B2C relationships with customers through excellent client relations, creative marketing collateral, and techniques tailored to each client. Strong skills developing strategies and deliverables with sustainability-focused clients and helping brands to develop creative marketing plans.

Specialize in conceptualizing, creating, designing, directing, strategizing and executing marketing campaigns that increase brand awareness and boost market share. Strong skills in concept development, promotional planning, layout, content management, graphic design, and copy development, while overseeing large projects to meet strict deadlines.

  • Corporate Marketing – Branding, research, focus groups, strategy, logo creation and style guides
  • Channel Marketing – Develop messaging, strategy and channels to reach the target audience
  • Graphic Design – Conceptualize, design, create and prepare for final production
  • Web Design – Design, build and maintain websites, implement SEO & SEM
  • Social Media – Build, maintain, measure effectiveness through analytics and create ads
  • Agency Liaison – External full-service ad agency relations, media planning, and scheduling
  • Production – Produce collateral for press or production copiers and off-line finishing
  • Advertising – Traditional and digital print, storyboarding and video
  • Communications – Internal/external newsletters, copyrighting and press releases
  • Team Management – Strong team management skills, mentoring, reviews
  • Purchasing Management – RFPs, contract development